Eastern Oregon Related Videos - YouTube Playlist

Below you can view YouTube videos about travel and recreation in Eastern Oregon. These videos have been collected in a YouTube Channel playlist. You can "Play All" videos in the playlist by clicking the play icon in the center of the video module or select other items in the playlist by clicking the "PLAYLIST" icon in the upper left hand corner of the video module.  

The Path Less Traveled

Kiwi Chronicles: EP 6 - The New Gold Rush: New Zealand farmer opponent to trail who became proponent video demonstrates the relationship between trail development and community revitalization possibilities.  

In this episode we learn the story behind the trail that started it all - the Central Otago Rail Trail. Its success in revitalizing a dying region in NZ, was what inspired the cycle the government push for a cycle trail network. For more, visit: www.pathlesspedaled.com For behind the scenes info, visit: www.bicycletimesmag.com