Mission, Vision & Values

Joseph Branch Trail Consortium's Mission Statement

Joseph Branch Trail Consortium is a diverse independent citizens group made up of voices from the medical, outfitting, equestrian, bicycling, hiking, Nez Perce Trails Foundation, and other communities whose mission is to assist in the development of a viable multi-use trail for the Wallowa Union rail right-of-way. A multi-use plan envisions:

  • a more effective and beneficial use of the rail right-of-way for our region and citizens

  • ascertaining realistic options for a rail-with-trail system in collaboration with the Wallowa Union Railroad Authority;

  • increased public access to the rail corridor—which will contribute to the betterment of our health and overall quality of life and possibly our economy;

  • honoring the rail and trail history; and

  • establishing a legacy of responsible stewardship of our unique natural asset for future generations.

Guiding Principles

  1. The consortium is a volunteer membership organization open to all persons with an interest in preserving the Joseph Branch roadbed for the highest and best economic and public uses.

  2. Members are expected to share their talents and expertise in carrying out actions required to carry out the mission of the organization.

  3. Issues and policy matters raised in carrying out the work of the organization will be settled through a consensus process whenever possible. When it is necessary to resolve issues and policy matters through a vote, majority and minority positions will be noted in related documents.

  4. Communications and other business will be conducted at regular membership meetings and via the use of the Internet for most purposes.

Joseph Branch Trail Consortium Bylaws

  • Download the current version reflecting changes made as of 2/14/17. (Download PDF)