In 1997, this line was abandoned. In 2002, the counties of Wallowa and Union purchased the rail line for future economic development potential to this rural region. In 2003, abandonment status was nullified when the Wallowa Union Railroad Authority (WURA) was formed by the 2 counties to own and operate the line. In concert with an excursion train and railrider service, WURA has approved the concept and feasibility study for a 63 mile trail along this line. And the first 6 miles, between Joseph and Enterprise will be the first segment constructed.

Project Documents

  • Please note these are drafts and have not been reviewed or approved by WURA.
    • JB Rail with Trail Concept Study (guiding document for Pilot Project) (Download PDF)
    • Management, Maintenance, & Signage Plan, 3rd Draft (Download PDF)
    • Pre-design Engineering and Preliminary Environmental Review Report (Download PDF) Note: Files may take a few seconds to open.
    • Wetland Delineation (Download PDF) Note: Files may take a few seconds to open.
  • 2016 Vision Statement (Download PDF) 
  • 2016 Agreement & Scope of Work (Download PDF)
  • Pilot Project Calendar (Download PDF)
  • 2016-17 Agreement and Scope of Work  (Download PDF, Will be used as the primary means of reporting progress and issues with monthly updates toward the end of each month--File replacement)
  • Public Safety (Download PDF)
  • Concerns/Mitigation Strategies (Download PDF, Will be updated periodically)
  • Fundraising Applications Worksheet (Download PDF, Will be updated periodically)
  • Adjacent Property Owners Concerns (Download PDF)