Proposed Route & Other Maps

Proposed Route for the Elgin to Joseph Trail

Proposed Route for the trail follows the rail right-of-way from Elgin to Joseph Oregon.

The map below was created with the Google Maps Engine service. It represents a rough approximation of the trail route. This route follows the rail right-of-way along one side all the way between the Elgin Depot and the end of the line in Joseph. This will serve to illustrate the route, but an actual map will be produced later when geo location information is gathered in the field.

The map can also be viewed and shared via this URL:

Other maps of the area

Grande Tour scenic Bikeway (PDF)
Nez Perce Trail (PDF)
Map of potential trails in NE Oregon constructed by participants at the May 2014 Oregon Parks and Recreation Department's Trail Summit.  The proposed Joseph Branch trail is indicated in red. (PDF)
Wallowa Union Railroad Corridor (PDF)