Dramatic Mountain Views


Wallowa and Union counties are separated by the Wallowa Mountains, one of Oregon’s Seven Wonders.The proposed rail-with-trail provides dramatic views of the mountains and the verdant Wallowa Valley.

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Connecting Two Parks


The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is lending staff support to the Wallowa Union Railroad Authority and Eastern Oregon University in working with interested citizens and organizations in studying the feasibility of developing a rail-with-trail along the Joseph Branch Railroad right-of-way.  Parks and Recreation Department staff members collected baseline data about road bed conditions as a first step in the trail feasibility study expected to be completed in January 2016.  The trail if built will run from Elgin to Joseph, passing through the Minam State Recreation Area.

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Access Rivers and More


The proposed rail-with-trail follows the Joseph Branch rail bed beside the Grande Ronde and Wallowa rivers. Access to the rivers will be made more accessible for fishing and other recreational opportunities if a trail is constructed.  The Friends of the Joseph Branch operate The Eagle Cap Excursion Train between Elgin and Minam. 

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